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Baumer Motion Control Motion Control

As one of the world’s leading companies for rotary motion measurements, we help our customers to use their machines effectively and to increase productivity in a sustainable way. In order to meet the requirements of our different customers, we offer a very wide range of products for any application.

In the motion control segment Baumer unites the extensive knowledge and expertise of leading names in the field of angular encoders, counters and displays.

  • IVO
  • Hubner
  • Thaleim

These now operate as BaumerIVO, BaumerHubner, BaumerThaleim in the market place.

Our Baumer Motion Control Products include:

  • Absolute Encoders
  • Incremental Encoders
  • Encoders without Bearing
  • Tachogenerators/Resolvers
  • Speedswitches
  • Combinations
  • Actuator/Positioning Solution
  • Accelerations Sensors
  • Inclination Sensors
  • Counters/Tachometers

Click here to visit the Baumer website for more detailed information on above products.

Our total focus is on providing our customers with the best quality sensor solution at a fair price.


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