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Baumer Sensor Solutions Sensor Solutions
Whether for object or position recognition, measuring, a miniaturized or exceptionally robust design – Baumer has the right sensor for every application. Different sensor functions in standard housings ease assembly for the user and limit the setup time to a minimum. Baumer can supply a wide range from inductive to vision sensors and advise you comprehensively.
Photoelectric Sensors:
  • Diffuse, diffuse with background suppression, laser versions for pin point accuracy
  • Retro-reflective and Thru-beam styles ,laser versions for pin point accuracy
  • Plastic and glass fibres, amplifiers with digital displays, with high resolution
  • Laser distance measurement with analogue 0 to 10V or 4 to 20ma output. Resolution up to .002mm
  • Red light analogue versions also available
  • Scatec laser copy counter for lap stream counting
  • Fork thru-beams with extra large fork widths
Photoelectric Sensors
Inductive Proximity Sensors:
  • Wide variety of body styles, short and long bodies, tubular, square and flat pack style
  • Housings as small as 3mm diameter
  • Extended sensing ranges           
  • High temperature types (180 °C)
  • High pressure types up to 500Bar          
  • Rugged one piece stainless steel housing including sensing face
  • Weld field immune sensors
  • High precision analogue types for distance measurement with 0 to 10V or 4 to 20ma output
  • Inductive Namur sensors
Inductive Proximity Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors:
  • Proximity type, small housing styles
  • Thru-beam type for high speed counting of clear glass or pet bottles
  • Dual output in one sensor type
  • Analogue output versions 0 to10v or 4 to 20ma for level measurement
  • Long sensing ranges
Ultrasonic Sensors
Capacitive Proximity Sensors:
  • Tubular and flat pack body styles for level detection
  • High temperature versions up to 250°C
Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Magnetic Cylinder Sensors:
  • Solid state magnetic cylinder sensors for cylinders which have permanent magnets installed in the piston, T and C slot cylinders
  • Fastening clamps and mounting brackets for mounting on round cylinders and cylinders with tie-rods
Magnetic Cylinder Sensors
Magnetic Sensors:
  • Hall sensors or magento-resistive sensors used for scanning ferromagnetic gears and racks
  • Magnetic sensors for the accurate determination of absolute rotary movement
Magnetic Sensors
My-Com Precision Switches:
  • Precision switch with a repeatability of +/- 0.001mm
My-Com Precision Switches
Sensor Accessories:
  • Plug/leads to suit all sensors
  • Reflectors, sensor mounting clamps
  • Sensor testers

Click here to visit the Baumer website for more detailed information on above products.

Our total focus is on providing our customers with the best quality sensor solution at a fair price.


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